Metro 亚特兰大 Leaders Gather at ARC’s State of the Region to Tackle Key Issues

亚特兰大 ——2021年11月16日

超过1,400 leaders gathered at the bet9网址是什么’s State of the Region to explore the key issues facing metro 亚特兰大.

ARC executive director Doug 妓女 presented his final the State of the Region address before he retires early next year. He reflected on his 10 years leading ARC and discussed the work that is left to be done.

He highlighted several important collaborative efforts are helping improve quality of life in the 亚特兰大 region, 从Learn4Life, 提高教育成果的行动, 亚特兰大《航空城, which is designed to boost economic growth in the communities around the airport.

在关闭, he challenged metro 亚特兰大 leaders to keep working together to ensure a better future for all residents.

“I encourage all of you to think about what’s possible for our region,”他说, 呼应活动主题, “一片可能的区域.’”因为bet9是什么网站相信一个更好的未来是可能的, 是什么给了bet9是什么网站动力, 的能量, 在现在坚持下去的信念. What role can you or your organization play in moving metro 亚特兰大 forward?”



ARC released the  results from the 2021 亚特兰大说 public opinion survey during the event, providing key insights into the region’s views on a range of quality-of-life issues. 主要发现包括:

  • 犯罪是亚特兰大居民认为面临的最大问题, 这是该犯罪首次在调查中高居榜首.
  • 三分之一的居民, or 33%, 说他们全部或大部分时间都在家里工作, 而另外21%的人偶尔会这样做. 这些数字比去年的调查数字要高.
  • 随着疫情的持续,一些居民仍在继续抗争. Nearly one in four said they have received food assistance from a food pantry or church in the past year, 比一年前增加了.
  • And 17 percent – or one in six – are “not confident” or only “slightly confident” about their ability to make their next rent or mortgage payment.



该机构颁发了2021年地区卓越奖, 奖励创新项目, 的地方, 和规划计划. 今年的获奖者是:

  • 有远见的规划: The City of East Point and Food Well Alliance were recognized for developing the 东点城市农业规划这是该地区第一个全市农业规划. 它的目的是增加健康食品的获取.
  • 创新发展: The City of Clarkston and MicroLife Institute were honored for 别墅在沃恩, a community of “micro-cottage” homes that provide housing opportunities in a city where lack of available land has limited new home construction.
  • 伟大的地方: The Trust for Public Land and City of 亚特兰大 were recognized for developing 罗德尼·库克,老. 公园 in Vine City, which provides needed green space and flood control for the community.
  • 宜居中心: 费耶特维尔市因其 市政厅和城市公园中心正在打造一个更宜居、更有活力的市中心.
  • 荣誉奖: 迪凯特房屋委员会 三一走振兴 was recognized as an important example of preserving and improving existing affordable housing stock.



2021年 哈里·韦斯特梦想领袖奖 去了 ARC执行董事道格·胡克 in recognition of his career-long efforts to improve quality of life in metro 亚特兰大.

妓女, 谁将在明年初从ARC退休, has held a number of key roles in both the public and private sectors, including: director of public works in the City of 亚特兰大; head of the State Road & Tollway Authority; leadership positions at large engineering firms; and leadership on numerous civic boards and committees.

“Doug, it’s hard to overstate what you have meant to the 亚特兰大 region. bet9是什么网站都受益于你无畏的领导, 无限的能量, 和巨大的心,ARC董事会主席克里·阿姆斯特朗说.


The 20th anniversary of the Metropolitan North Georgia 水 Planning District was marked by Metro 水 District Chair Glenn Page, General Manager of the 科布 County – Marietta 水 Authority, 和凯瑟琳Zitsch, who serves as Director of the Metro 水 District and Managing Director of ARC’s 自然资源 Group.

They noted the significant progress made in water resource stewardship over the past two decades, and urged leaders to continue investing in infrastructure in the years to come.


The bet9网址是什么 (ARC) is the official planning agency for the 11-county 亚特兰大地区, 包括切罗基, 克莱顿, 科布, 迪卡尔布, 道格拉斯, 菲也特, 福赛斯, 富尔顿, 昆内特, Henry and Rockdale counties as well as the City of 亚特兰大 and 74 other cities. The bet9网址是什么 serves as a catalyst for regional progress by focusing leadership, 注意, 以及在关键区域问题上的规划资源.


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