Live Beyond Expectations Regional Strategic Plan 2020-2025


The "Why"

bet9网址是什么(Atlanta Regional Commission)正在努力确保大都会地区成为各个年龄层的人居住的地方, abilities, and incomes can live high-quality lives, regardless of location. Unfortunately, across metro Atlanta, 邮政编码说明了预期寿命的不平等.

而有些人可能将糟糕的健康状况归因于个人选择和基因, research indicates the story is much more nuanced.

预期寿命差异的根源是包括经济在内的一系列复杂问题, social, 以及人们出生的环境的物理条件, live, learn, work, play, worship, and age. Interrelated factors, such as access to healthy food, sidewalks, level of education, stable housing, and safe neighborhoods, are at play. 这些变量中有许多是个人无法控制的, 但bet9是什么网站在ARC的工作和bet9是什么网站合作伙伴的工作可能会影响他们.

Closing the Gap

In 2020, ARC’s Aging & 独立服务集团发起了一项为期五年的计划,旨在提高bet9是什么网站地区居民的寿命. The Live Beyond Expectations Regional Strategic Plan 2020-2025 是一个战略框架,旨在查明和解决造成预期寿命不平等的不平等,以便亚特兰大地区所有人都能过上健康长寿的生活, no matter where they live.

Live Beyond Expectations Strategic Plan Framework

During the next five years, ARC, led by its Aging and Independence Services (AIS) group, 将开始实施2020-2025年超越预期的区域战略计划. 这一战略框架旨在确定和解决造成预期寿命差异的不平等现象,本文件将对此作进一步解释.


Live Beyond Expectations Newsletter


需要注意的是,减少预期寿命差异是一个长期目标,不可能在五年的时间框架内完全实现. However, 与社区成员和机构内外的合作伙伴合作, ARC的独特定位是迎接这一挑战并取得有意义的进展.

As the federally designated Area Agency on Aging for metro Atlanta’s 10 counties, ARC is responsible for planning, advocacy, 以及旨在提高老年人生活质量的服务提供系统, persons with disabilities, and their caregivers. In addition, the agency has a deep reserve of resources, including research, data analysis, and community planning in transportation, housing, arts, and employment sectors. 最后,该机构的社区合作伙伴已经在从事相关工作.

Engaging External Stakeholders

We invite all interested individuals and organizations to join with ARC as we move along in identifying and addressing the inequities that create disparities in life expectancy; engaging with regional, state, and national stakeholders to bolster current partnerships; and developing new relationships and marshalling existing and new resources to support the long-term vision that all who live in the Atlanta region can lead long and healthy lives no matter where they live.


  • Place -关注每个县内居民经历最不平等的地区
  • Policy – Work with governmental, philanthropic, educational, nonprofit, 和商界领袖改善或修改造成不平等的政策,推进促进公平的政策
  • Practice – Provide services and programs that address unmet needs

Throughout the process, ARC will communicate efforts to governmental, philanthropic, educational, nonprofit, and business leaders, as well as residents across the region, in order to build support, evaluate ongoing progress, and refine efforts as needed.

如果您的组织有兴趣了解更多或参与这些努力, please contact Katie Perumbeti at

Individual County Snapshots

As part of this project, bet9是什么网站为10个县的每个县创建了快照,详细展示了影响预期寿命的因素.

县域快照提供了不同地区的社会和经济特征的信息,这些地区在亚特兰大每个都市区的预期寿命最高和最低. 考虑这些因素可以制定有助于延长寿命和提高生活质量的策略.

Find out what the life expectancy is in your neighborhood


Year 1 Outcomes Summary

View the Live Beyond Expectations Year 1 Outcomes Summary 了解到2021年9月30日的实施进展情况.